Choose a dissertation topic about education and the arts.

Developing a theology dissertation topic often becomes a real stumbling block for students. Let us help you to cope with this task easier. This article offers hints on choosing a theology dissertation topic and a list of sample topic ideas.

Theology Dissertation: Choosing a Topic

To develop a theology dissertation topic, you need to start from broad and then to go narrower:

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When you have decided on a good dissertation topic, you should simplify it. Many students choose an overly ambitious topic that becomes too difficult to answer. A more effective approach is to expand on a simple idea by reviewing both sides of a particular argument. However, you should be careful not to choose a dissertation topic that is too narrow, as it will make the research much more difficult, if not impossible, to complete.

Steps for Choosing a Perfect Dissertation Topic


A very common mistake students make when deciding on a dissertation title is to choose one that they don’t find interesting. This may appear to be a very obvious guideline, but you would be surprised at the number of students who choose a dissertation topic they feel would be interesting to their tutor, but not themselves. If you are not passionate about the subject matter, you will find it much more difficult to write your dissertation. Your disinterest will also quickly become apparent to the reader once they begin reading your academic paper. On the other hand, if you choose a thesis topic that truly interests you, you will find it much easier to remain motivated throughout the process of writing your dissertation.