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2. Body – this houses the details that support the main topic of your essay. Between the parts of the college essay outline, this is where you tell why the main topic is such and present the evidences that corroborate your findings. The body is divided into paragraphs with each paragraph containing different subtopics but each subtopic must relate to the general topic of the whole essay.


A college essay outline is composed of three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction, as the name suggests, orients the reader to what the essay is about. This is usually the length of one paragraph and will contain two vital sentences: the opening sentence and the thesis statement. Opening an essay can be in the form of a quotation, a question, a story, an experience, or anything else that can surely catch the reader’s attention. The thesis statement, on the other hand, will contain the topic and the purpose of the whole essay. The introduction can either make or break the whole essay since it will make the reader decide whether or not to continue reading.


college essay outline template  Source:

Writing an impressive college admissions essay is a daunting task for most of us. But by applying the concepts of a college essay outline to your college admissions essay, you will have a huge advantage of having a concise, well-written and well-organized essay that will surely put yourself on the accepted list of applicants.

1. Introduction – is that part of a college essay outline that introduces the main topic to the readers. The introduction is a crucial part of the college essay outline because this is where the reader decides whether to continue reading or not, depending on how well crafted your introduction is.