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The Crucible Essay The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller, one of the leading American playwrights of the twentieth century, in 1952. It is based on the events surrounding the 1692 witch trials of Salem. Arthur Miller wrote the play to show the similarities between the unfair witch trials in Salem and the Second Red Scare that took place during the 1950's. Like the witches on trial in Salem, Communists were viewed as a danger to the society. This then lead to the naming of names where accusations were made without the basis of proof. In the play, Miller shows people accusing each other falsely to save themselves from the high court of Salem. To him, only those who refused to help even to the point of death hold onto their honour and sense to die as a martyr. The play's main themes are truth, justice, hysteria and reputation and the key characters that represent these themes are John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Judge Danforth, Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris. In this essay, I will be focusing on how the different characters all have different views of truth and justice. As The Crucible is a tragedy, John Proctor is considered to be the play's tragic hero. This gives the idea that he might have his bad side but he is also better than the others because he stands up for the truth and that makes him the hero of the play.

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