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To learn more about the Essay Writing Competition for MDC high school students, as well as the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, including its Bachelor's degrees and sample courses, please read below. An award ceremony will be held at the MDC Women's Park in May (date TBD). MDC high school juniors and seniors are eligible to enter the contest.

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- This essay competition which involves writing about the concept of Living Life to Its Fullest honors the life and practices of Keith Ulich, A.S., B.S., M.B.A , former vice president of the Delta chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma at Westchester Community College , and a member of the Board of Advisers of the Alpha Beta Gamma National Finance Committee. The essay should detail the concept of Living Life to Its Fullest, outline the elements of this concept, explore factors which might affect its implementation and conclude with the benefits towards one’s life that implementing such a practice would generate. Our Society believes that only after one conducts intensive thinking about this topic, might one understand the beauty of Keith’s incredible life. He will continue to inspire us to emulate his philosophy of well-being. The winner will be awarded a $200 book stipend and a framed certificate.

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Writing is a proclivity that a lawyer must never detach from himself, and thus, each year, the Magazine Committee of the Government Law College, Mumbai, organizes a national level legal essay writing competition, The Vyas Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition.

Each year, we sponsor at least three essay competitions for student writers.

is the annual journal of the best essays written by students in first-year classes. Student essays are nominated by faculty and subsequently considered by a committee for publication.

is an essay competition held in conjunction with the spring First-Year Academic Convocation.

recognizes the best essay by a first-year student on a topic related to one or more works of art in Notre Dame's Snite Museum.- This essay competition centers on the theme of “The significance of municipal bonds in financing special projects in the USA”. Students will study the financial mechanism of municipal bonds, discover a significant project which benefits society which was funded through municipal bonds and discuss the contribution to society. This essay competition is funded through a donation from MBIA Foundation arranged by Professor Nick Krzmienski, Adjunct Professor of Management at SUNY Westchester Community College. The scholarship committee selects the best essay each year at the Annual Leadership Meeting and awards the winner with a $200.00 book stipend and a framed certificate. 500-750 word limit. There is one winner per annum.