ALHS AP Literature: How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Essays: Over the past week, we have read and analyzed literary essays written by other authors. Next, we wrote parts of a literary essay together and then each fifth grade author wrote his or her our own supporting paragraph to a literary essay. They were so great! Later in the week, we read another short story, Spaghetti, and the next job was to create a thesis statement with a partner. The next step (tomorrow), is for the children to work with a partner and write a literary essay about Spaghetti by clearly supporting the thesis statement with evidence from the text. Check out some of the photos below to get a better idea of how to write a literary essay and to see an example of one written by another student. Wait until you see how much we learn as we continue this writing unit . . . it’s going to be spectacular!

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Writing A Literary Analysis Essay

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