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The MBA application essay, also known as an admissions essay or personal statement, is an individualized account where you answer one question for your prospective graduate school: why should we accept you? This is your opportunity to shine by projecting yourself as the ideal MBA candidate for the prospective institution in particular. To gain admission to the program of your dreams, you must absolutely seize that opportunity. This chapter tells you how. Included are the details of the five parts of the application essay, and the right approach to writing it.

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So every week or so throughout the summer we’re going to review, comment, and tear apart a real essay from last year. The streets will run red (with ink)! So grab a beverage of choice and read on – this is a great way to see how our admissions consultants, and effectively, an admissions committee looks at your essays. What we like, what we don’t like, and how to avoid mistakes that can sink your application with these carefully selected MBA application essay samples. Take a look and see what a difference having an MBA admissions expert like Critical Square as a partner can have on transforming your essays.

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