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Further, “restorative justice processes threaten to create a deeply privatized criminal justice process” (Coker, 2002, p. 129) by constructing a victim vs. offender relationship which makes absent the issues of social oppression. It is for this reason that many prison abolitionists and feminists working with domestic violence issues critique restorative justice for its limitation in addressing oppression (Coker, 2002). Because society oppresses those who are poor and queer, there are (at least) two victims; therefore, the conflict must be addressed using larger community-based approaches rather than interpersonal mediation.

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By offering itself as a radical alternative to conventional criminal justice, restorative justice has attracted a multitude of criminal justice critics and reformers in search of fundamental change. As a result, there is no "standard" definition of restorative justice. While some definitions emphasize a unique restorative justice process that requires the involvement of the victim, the offender, and the community in search of restorative solutions, a more expansive definition emphasizes the central objective of restoration: repairing the harm of crime.