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'Living Legend' baseball icon Larry Dierker provided the Keynote Address on at the special District Award ceremony for winners of the 2009 Rotary 4-way-test essay competition, hosted by Bellaire Southwest Rotary. He was twice named to the National League All-Star team and crowned his career as National League Manager of the Year.

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The test essay follows a generally standard formula. It is of limited scope, requires certain basic elements, and is evaluated at a holistic level, meaning it takes into account the whole, as opposed to individual parts. With this in mind, it is possible to analyze the requirements of the essay and develop a process by which to tackle it.

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There are several tips that can aid in the writing of a good SAT test essays. Fist, the assignment should be read in its entirety. Each essay question on the SAT test is accompanied by a paragraph that that discusses the issue in question. This paragraph contains important information about the issue, and this information should be taken into account in answering the question. A good thing to do is to imagine that the test-taker is having a discussion with the writer of the paragraph. Figuring out what could be said in response to the author of the paragraph, bringing up other ideas and examples about the test-taker's point of view on the issue, and determining if the test-taker agrees or disagrees with the paragraph author can all provide good starting points for writing the essay. In addition, making sure to not oversimplify the essay answer is very important. Each example or idea that is brought up in the essay must be thoroughly explained and supported. It is preferable to have a few well thought-out and supported ideas and thoughts than it is to have many simplistic and not well supported ideas. Furthermore, since the essay can be written using the test-taker's own personal examples and experiences, the use of the word "I" is permitted. Do not be afraid to use the first person in the writing of the SAT test essays. Remembering to let oneself shine through in the essay question is important. And, finally, make sure to write about the topic or issue that is presented. Any essays that are not written about the topic or issue presented receive a score of zero.